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 Meet the Staff

Father John J. Harrold
  • Pastor
Deacon Daniel Frescura​​​


Virginia Long
  • Parish Secretary for St. Ambrose and St. Matthew parishes
  • Virginia has worked part-time at St. Ambrose Parish for 36 years. In 2005, when St. Ambrose was partnered with St. Matthew Parish in Saltsburg, she assumed the clerical position and responsibilities of both parishes. Her duties include all bookkeeping, financial reports, bulletins, payroll, scheduling of liturgical ministers, posting the weekly offertory envelops, end of the year statements, selling cemetery plots, cemetery bookwork and maintaining parish sacramental records.  
  • Contact Virginia by calling the St. Ambrose Parish office at 724-697-4129.
Debra Gallek
  • Parish Secretary and bookkeeper for St. Sylvester Parish
  • Debbie manages church business, financial matters, bookkeeping, sacramental recordings, Mass scheduling and census updates.  
  • Contact Debbie by calling the St. Sylvester parish office at 724-468-5794.
Grace Sikora
  • Director of Religious Education for St. Ambrose Parish
  • Grace has served as director of religious education at St. Ambrose Parish for nearly 30 years . She coordinates all faith formation programs, sacramental preparation and youth ministry at St. Ambrose Parish.
Patty Prenni
  • Catechetical Coordinator 
  • Patty coordinates and oversees the catechetical programs at St. Matthew Parish, Saltsburg
Jim & Marie Bowers
  • Sacramental Preparation Coordinators for St. Matthew and St. Sylvester parishes

  • Maintenance Coordinator for St. Ambrose and St. Matthew parishes; caretaker of St. Matthew Cemetery, Saltsburg
Angela Palmiscno
  • Custodian and Housekeeper at St. Ambrose Parish, Avonmore
Barb Franco​
  • Custodian at St. Sylvester Parish, Slickville
Barbara Baker
  • Custodian at St. Matthew Parish, Saltsburg​

Note: All of these individuals are paid staff with the exception of Jim & Marie Bowers, Laura McElhinny and Patty Prenni.