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St. Matthew Cemetery

St. Matthew Cemetery is located in Saltsburg, is the parish cemetery of St. Matthew Church. It was established in 1910. It is a perpetual care cemetery, regular maintenance is provided by St. Matthew Church through the generous financial support of parishioners, as well as from others who remember their family and friends buried there.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with the maintenance costs of the cemetery may make a donation to: St. Matthew Cemetery Fund, c/o St. Matthew Church, P.O. Box 617, Avonmore, PA 15681. 

If you need any information regarding St. Matthew Cemetery, please contact the parish office at 724-697-4129.​

Cemetery Rules & Regulations
In the spirit of maintaining the sacred character and dignity of St. Matthew Cemetery, the following rules are to be followed and will be strictly enforced.  We ask for your sincere cooperation:


  • Planting within up to one foot in front of headstone only
  • Artificial flowers
  • Christmas decorations from the first Sunday of Advent until April 15
  • Easter decorations from Lent though Ascension Thursday
  • Other holiday decorations such as for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and All Souls Day
  • Vigil lights and solar lights

Not Permitted:

  • Any shrubs, trees, bushes
  • Anthing that presents a safety hazard such as:  glass, wood chips, stones, curbs, fencing
  • Flowers or objects that are unsightly or detract from the spiritual setting of a Catholic cemetery
  • Pets, bicycles, motorcycles, littering, loitering
  • No visitors are permitted on cemetery grounds from sunset to sunrise

The cemetery reserves the right to remove and or dispose of any plants, flowers, decorations, trinkets, figurines, chimes, balloons, non-religious statues, stuffed animals, etc. at any time due to safety or maintenance issues.  If artificial flowers and flags are worn, tattered or in deteriorating condition the cemetery staff will remove such objects.  Removal of items will occur without prior notice to owner of lot.

Footers for headstones will only be set by the Cemetery Gravedigger, Mr. Terry Rapach.  No monument company is permitted to install footers.

In case of error in location of gravesite due to exigencies of the occasion, redesign of roads, drains or other unforeseen circumstances, St. Matthew Cemetery reserves the right to relocate the gravesite to another similar site within the Cemetery. Parties affected by such action will be notified at least 10 days prior to relocation.

Any questions or concerns are to be addressed to Debra Gallek, Cemetery Manager, at 724-697-4129​

Policy for Cemetery Lots not Used by a Family 

  1. St. Matthew Cemetery will accept lot(s) should they need to be returned for whatever reason.
  2. Transfer of Deed must be conducted through the Parish Office. 
  3. If the family so consents, St. Matthew Cemetery will try to sell lot(s) and will refund the initial cost of the lot to appropriate party.

Lots & Fees
Those wishing to purchase a cemetery lot may do so by contacting the parish office at St. Ambrose Parish, Avonmore, 505 Cambria Avenue or call 724-697-4129.

  • Single graves for parishioners of St. Matthew Parish is $550 per grave; (price of each lot includes perpetual care).
  • Single graves for non-parishioners is $650 per grave; (price of each lot includes perpetual care).
  • Cremation interment may be buried on one existing paid grave at the cost of $275, otherwise single graves must be purchased for cremation interment.
  • The purchase of lots may be made on payments within one year, but must be paid in full prior to a funeral.

Perpetual Care
Endowed or perpetual care means that a portion of the money from the sale and opening of each grave is deposited in a separate savings account. St. Matthew Cemetery receives the interest from this account but does not draw from the principal. This policy ensures the ongoing care and maintenance of the cemetery will continue in a sustainable way.