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Pastoral Council

A re-visioning body of the parish, the Pastoral Council is a leadership body that articulates the mission of the parish through pastoral planning and oversight, prayer, discernment, collaboration and consensus.  It generally meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. on a rotational basis among the partner parishes of St. Ambrose, St. Matthew and St. Sylvester.

  • Father John Harrold
  • LInda Belice
  • Jim Klueber
  • T J Klisavage, Recording Secretary
  • Debbie Gallek
  • Sue Patrono  
  • Mary Ann Bebar
  • Linda Lasher, Facilitator 
  • Mike Sharek
  • Jennie Busi  
  • Deacon Craig Gilbert​  ​

Finance Councils

The partner parishes of St. Ambrose, St. Matthew and St. Sylvester have three individual finance councils to organize and budget for the parishes.
The members are as follows:

  •  St. Ambrose Parish: Brian Palmiscno, John Fanelli, Christine Dwyer
  •  St. Matthew Parish: Stanley Gallek, Janice Rossi, Matt Colaianni, Kristen Eckenrode
  •  St. Sylvester Parish: Butch Kane, Joe Valero, Ken Nath, Barb Novak